With so much content going digital these days, it’s newsworthy when an online publication launches in hard copy. That’s why we’re excited about Tail Fly Fishing Magazine doing just that.

Tail caters to saltwater fly fishermen and has a readership of 34,000. This fall, it decided to launch a print edition of its successful online publication. Why did it decide to take the plunge?

  • Feedback from its audience indicated that they wanted a print magazine.
  • The magazine’s audience is nostalgic. They tend to keep and archive old magazines. This increases the value of a print edition to readers as well as to advertisers.
  • Independent research confirmed that Tail readers wanted print.

There are other reasons, as well.

Fly fishermen are travelers. Readers wanted something they could travel with easily, turn pages, and read with leisure. Tail also wanted breakthrough. Digital magazines abound, diluting the readership and credibility of online publications. Tail felt that a print edition would increase its credibility and make the publication stand out.

“The move to print was really necessary,” notes Dr. Joe Ballarini, who founded the magazine. “In order to solidify the place of Tail Fly Fishing Magazine as the only publication dedicated to saltwater, we had to make it a ‘real’ magazine.”

Tail will be printed on 80-lb. high gloss recycled paper, perfect bound, with a 100-lb high gloss cover (also recycled) with a soft touch coating.  

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