On Wednesday, October 2, 2019 members of the U.S. Press team attended the Educational Expo hosted by the Florida Society of Association Executives in Tallahassee, Florida. Team members got the chance to share their story with FSAE members and event attendees from their booth on the trade show floor. They also sat in on a lecture by keynote speaker Chuck Gallagher.

The Florida Society of Association Executives, or FSAE, hosts the Educational Expo to allow executives and associates from various associations to meet and learn to achieve their association’s goals through shared knowledge and experience. For us at U.S. Press, it’s a perfect opportunity to learn more about the various challenges these associations face daily, how they meet those challenges and where print marketing can help. We learned about the goals of associations great and small, and we’re proud to share with them what role we can play in helping them achieve those goals. Of course, we’re always looking to make new contacts, meet with our customers, and share our knowledge and experience along with our own brand of southern hospitality. An event like this is a great opportunity for us to do that.

In hindsight, the most valuable knowledge we gained was a reminder that the principles we believe in at U.S. Press remain true. We’re reminded that through collaboration, creativity and success is fostered, and that strong relationships with a foundation in customer service will help us and our clients succeed. Print still has a strong, viable role in the success of associations great and small, whether through direct mail services, large format printing or anything in between. Couple that with real relationships between real humans, exploring goals and creating paths toward them, and you’ve got a real recipe for success.

We very much enjoyed our time at the FSAE Educational Expo. If you made it to the event, we hope you did, too. And whether you made it or not, if you’re interested in learning more about what U.S. Press can do for you and your association or business, reach out to your account manager or call 800-227-7377 today!

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