Saddle stitch booklets meet a wide variety of marketing objectives through their cost-effectiveness and ease of use. Almost any industry can find some use for saddle stitch booklets in their print marketing campaigns, simply because they meet a variety of different print marketing needs. It’s worth taking a look at some of the various examples of saddle stitch booklets in action for the respective industries they serve.

In the world of education, saddle stitch custom print booklets really shine. A common obligation of educational institutions is communicating with students, parents and employees. Saddle stitch booklets are great communication tools. For simple projects like code of conduct booklets, rule books or other need-to-know information to send home with students to their parents, saddle stitch booklets are the logical choice. Additionally, saddle stitch booklets are useful for athletic programs, displaying team rosters, schedules and advertisements for local supportive businesses.

Saddle stitch booklets can be used for more technical purposes as well. Manufacturing industry marketers know that they’re a go-to marketing option for professional printed material for communicating within employees, vendors and customers. They make a great format for instruction manuals, repair guides or instruction booklets. Those in the manufacturing or science-based research industries can count on saddle stitch booklets to put together bigger, more complex pieces of information in an easy to use, easy to digest format.

Retail marketers rely on saddle stitch booklets as much as any industry. There are a lot of cost-effective, popular marketing tools that work well as saddle stitch booklets. Because they’re so easy to produce, simple look books, coupon books and even smaller catalogs are great when printed as saddle stitch booklets. This is a great use for saddle stitch booklets for those in the retail industry. Plus, since saddle stitch booklets are easy to mail, you can share them with on a larger scale with all your customers, in the comfort of their own home.

Finally, saddle stitch booklets can take on a whole new role by simply… rotating the booklet ninety degrees! A saddles stitch booklet makes a great format for printing your own custom calendar, with bold colors and glossy photographs. Saddle stitch calendars make great gifts and excellent marketing items.

These are some of the most common industry-specific examples of uses for saddle stitch booklets. Beyond this, saddle stitch booklets offer plenty more options for the creative marketer. Regardless of your industry, there’s a saddle stitch marketing campaign that’s right for you. And remember, savvy marketers know they can count on U.S. Press to deliver the best results for their saddle stitch booklet marketing needs. Additionally, we offer extensive industry-based solutions pages on our website at This way, our customers across all industries can see how booklets and other print marketing products can help improve their business.

With decades of experience, fast turnarounds and design assistance for those who need it, U.S. Press is the industry’s leader in saddle stitch booklet printing. Call 800-227-7377 or visit to get started today.


Posted by:Robert Davison

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