As the summer winds down and fall begins, one thing is for certain in the marketing world: It’s calendar season!

 The fall months are the perfect time to start designing and producing calendars. Just in time for the holiday months, calendars are a great marketing tool that serves as a gift for customers and clients that will keep your brand visible and in mind throughout the coming year.

It’s also never too early to start designing your calendar, as most calendars are produced with a few of the preceding year’s months as part of the calendar anyways.

Designing a Calendar Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

But what about those of us who aren’t as design-savvy? There’s no shame in that at all – and US Press is aware that not every one of our customers has a background in graphic design. That’s why we created a helpful new tool that makes the calendar design process a breeze for our customers.

To access this tool, visit our wall calendars product page and look below the pricing estimate calculator. They’re you’ll find a button that says CREATE YOUR DESIGN ONLINE.” Click the button (or follow the link in this article) to check out our new calendar editor!

Lots of Features, Easy to Use

For best use of our design tool, let’s get acquainted with some of the features it offers:

First, you’ll notice that the design field has a left margin and a top margin featuring measurements. These correlate to the real-life measurements of your final product. The measurements are in inches.

Along with providing measurements for understanding the dimensions of your product once printed, the calendar design tool features predesigned grids for ease of use when designing calendars. Laing out the days and weeks in grids is one of the trickiest parts of designing a calendar, but with this design tool, it’s already taken care of.

Predesigned grids also feature all major national holidays included in their design. Designers can easily add additional holidays or other important events with the “Add Text” button.

On the tab along the left side of the design field, you can access preexisting elements to add to your design. You can also use the cloud icon labeled “Uploads” to introduce photos or other files on your computer to your design. The other icons allow you to add text, images and other design elements to your calendar, while “Layouts” allows you to select from preloaded design layouts for things like front and back cover pages. 

The upper tab contains “File” and “View” buttons for opening files, saving your design or viewing it as it will be printed. Zooming in or out with the magnifying glass icons on the upper tab allows you to get a closer view of the elements in your design. Finally, the “Review and Buy” button in the upper right corner of the page lets you take a final look at your creation, and then transition seamlessly to a purchasing window to get started with printing your calendar.

With our new design tool, anyone can create a calendar that represents their brand with pride and creativity. The tool is designed for ease of use and a seamless transition to the printing process. Just like every other step in the process, account manager at US Press is always standing by ready to help make the process even easier. In marketing, you can’t go wrong with calendars, and when printing calendars, you can’t go wrong with U.S. Press! 

Posted by:Robert Davison

Marketing Content Creator

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