Well-designed posters are more than just print marketing pieces. Full-color posters with art and slogans are a communication medium that’s an institution unto itself. From the days of concert posters tacked to bedroom walls and political rallying cries nailed to buildings and light poles, a well-designed poster is visually irresistible, and it can motivate or inspire its viewers to follow up on a call to action.

A benefit to using posters in your company’s marketing efforts is that any design team will be excited at the chance to express themselves in designing one. The best posters win over viewers (potential customers/event attendees) by using simple, digestible designs and messages delivered in an artful way. The more creative or beautiful the poster is while still delivering the message in a clear, digestible way, the better. Since posters give your company’s designers a chance to get creative and produce a design that’s as much art as it is marketing, they’re a great opportunity to step back and let your design team do what they do best. The poster they create can then help further establish your brand or event’s reputation as modern, creative and forward thinking.

Posters are a longstanding medium of advertisement in society. They have been used since the middle of the 19th century for everything from horse races to revolutions. Now we associate them with music, art and food festivals. They don’t have to be restricted to just art-based events and political endeavors, however. A big sale or promotion, a fundraiser or charity drive, the unveiling of a new product or branch of your company: All these things call for a well-designed poster.

Once you’ve designed a poster for whatever it is you want to share with people, printing and placing multiple copies at high-traffic locations will increase the mileage you get out of the poster’s design. And, of course, a great design deserves to be viewed by as many as possible, so it’s prudent to place your posters on light poles, at crosswalks, on community message boards and anywhere else that sees a lot of foot traffic. Exposing as many people as possible to the message in your poster only heightens its effectiveness.

The most fun part of advertising with posters, however, comes along after the event takes place. Well-designed posters can become collectible pieces of memorabilia after the concert or festival takes place. We’ve all got a friend with a great poster from some long-ago concert or boxing match – the one that quickly becomes a conversation piece at dinner parties or barbecues. Posters like that will share your designs with potential customers down the road.

All the benefits that posters grant you can be had quickly and affordably through U.S. Press. With our commitment to customer service and quality printed products, you can count on us to provide you with great posters, whatever the cause or event. Our design team can help make sure your poster is sharp and pops visually no matter where you hang it. And our affordable prices (as cheap as $1.40 per poster when your order 100) are a comfortable fit within any marketing budget. There’s no better time than today to put your great ideas and beautiful designs on paper and share them with the world with affordable, well-designed poster

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