Every two years, the yards and gardens of homes and businesses across the country are speckled with rigid, 24″ x 18″ plastic signs displaying names of hopeful candidates at every level. But yard signs, as they’re commonly known, don’t have to be restricted to the political arena, put away after the votes are tallied, and disregarded until the next election season. Any business or organization can be certain that there is room for yard signs in their marketing campaigns and efforts, serving as a medium for any message an organization wants to convey.

Yard signs are affordable, versatile and hold up well to sunlight and rain. Their material composition makes them a bit more suitable to outdoor use than many other printed products. For any marketing purpose, they’re a worthwhile investment.

However, to capitalize on your investment, there are a few steps to adhere to when designing and placing your yard signs. Keeping with these tips will make sure your signs boast effective designs and messages, further ensuring your return on investment.

The biggest key to effective yard signs is proper utilization of the space the sign offers. A standard yard sign is 24″ wide by 18″ tall. That’s more than enough space to create an effective message, but with little room to spare left over. Use a strong, clear typeface that’s easy to read and depicts a clear call to action.

In politics, it’s enough to just display the name and position of the would-be official. With businesses, it will take a bit more creativity to convey your message. Sticking with a short, straightforward message and easily recognized images like your brand’s logo on your outdoor signs will make sure potential customers get your message clearly.

Additionally, remember to use colors that compliment and accentuate the message or logo on the sign itself. Using bold colors will attract viewer’s eyes, but too much color or color that clashes will interfere with your message.

Placement of yard signs is simple. They can handle sun or rain exposure (though it’s worth noting that excessive winds can bend the stakes that hold the sign), so placing them out in the open (like beside the street or highway) is a great option. Using them to frame walkways or bicycle baths with messages directing customers towards your location is a good way to combine multiple yard signs to create one cohesive message. Ultimately, placement possibilities are endless.

With U.S. Press, yard signs are affordable, and our printing expertise and customer service will make sure your purchasing process goes as smoothly as possible, and our competitive pricing means you can have the right amount of signs for your marketing efforts without breaking the bank. Invest in yard signs for your business today. 

Posted by:Robert Davison

Marketing Content Creator

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