As time passes, our lives have become more and more centered on our online interactions. We post our thoughts and favorite photos to social media feeds, shop for everything from groceries to gifts online and do everything from setting dentist appointments to finding a ride in a strange town through the tiny computers we hold in our hands. The world of business and marketing has followed this trend, just like almost every other facet of our lives, but proven, traditional marketing methods still hold their place in the business world – so much so that even Amazon, one of the authors of the digital revolution we live in, still relies on print marketing to reach customers in a personal, familiar way that drives results: holiday catalogs.

Learning from the Best 

Marketing and business professionals recognize that emulating successful businesses and their marketing strategies is a great way to innovate and find new avenues of success in their own business. Amazon is a massive, fast-growing innovator in the world of retail. They’re quite literally one of the biggest, most successful companies ever founded. We can trust their marketing efforts to be some of the sharpest in any industry, and their use of printed catalogs to advertise holiday gifts is no exception. Amazon prepares catalogs that take the effectiveness and trackability of traditional print marketing and integrated digital marketing technology into the catalog, creating a cutting-edge modern marketing piece that’s fit to win customers and encourage purchasing. The best part of all? You can take a page out of Amazon’s catalog, literally and figuratively, and shake up your holiday and beginning-of-the-year marketing in a way that will surprise and delight existing and potential customers alike.

Modern Catalog Printing: Innovation through Integration

By integrating technology like QR codes and sharing product links on the pages of the catalogs, Amazon can provide customers with the familiarity and comfort of thumbing through a well-designed, full-color catalog while still allowing them to be one step away from their digital platform, which is where the purchases are actually made. This is beneficial for a variety of reasons. First, customers benefit from the experience of thumbing through a catalog. We all love things like turning down corners and marking our favorite gifts for loved ones to “notice” when they take their turn with the catalog. We can share it with our children, friends, parents or other loved ones. But when the time comes to make a purchase, a simple scan of the QR code takes us right to the page we need to make the purchase.

An Added Bonus 

Best of all, every time a customer follows one of the links or scans a QR code in the catalog, it becomes data to be interpreted when determining the effectiveness of the catalog. Smart marketers know that this is the ultimate benefit of print marketing pieces: They allow you to fine-tune and get better as you go, making your business more and more effective over time.

When you’re ready to start designing and printing catalogs for your business, count on U.S. Press to help you through the process. From design help to mailing, we have the experience and dedication that you need from a print marketing specialist, and can help you unlock all of the benefits of modern printing methods and quick catalog printing as well as and the many benefits they provide.

Posted by:Robert Davison

Marketing Content Creator

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