This week at U.S. Press, we’re proud to announce that we’ve added letterhead to our list of products subject to our instant pricing tool on our website. This means customers can fill out their own precise order for letterhead and see a price on the screen before ordering, making the ordering process simple and allowing for faster, easier order placement. It’s just another way we’re working to improve customers’ overall experience with the site and make the purchasing process as smooth as possible.

It’s also important to us that letterhead be an easy product for customers to access, learn about and order. Letterhead is extremely useful for almost any business and will give your business the air of professionalism that it deserves.

Why Letterhead?

Letterhead is a type of stationery and communication tool that can be used for any letter or printed message that you wish to share with clients, customers, suppliers or even employees for a company wide message or announcement. Professionally designed and printed letterhead will strike a great first impression with those who aren’t yet familiar with your business and will remind those who are that they’re dealing with a business that they can feel confident about.

Let’s consider an example of when letterhead could be highly useful for your company. Say you’re pitching an idea for a fundraiser with fellow businesses throughout your city. You can send official, professional letterhead with your contact information and company logo at the top, adding credibility to your message and ultimately, your cause. Or you may need to send a letter of endorsement for a local candidate in your hometown election. You can do so with credibility by using letterhead with your information printed on it. Your customers will appreciate it too; receiving messages on printed letterhead will elicit a strong response in your customers, who’ll appreciate the professional touch and learn to associate your brand logo with that sort of professionalism.

Simple Design, Effective Results 

Plus, designing your letterhead is easy. You can simply provide U.S. Press with your company’s logo and contact information and let us take care of the printing. Any special considerations that should be made can be presented to your account manager, but ultimately the process is a simple one. Bear in mind that most letterhead presents logos and contact information at the top of the page, often oriented to the left-hand side of the page. However, your letterhead can reflect your company’s values in anyway you see fit: If your company prides itself on creativity or innovation, a uniquely designed logo placed in an unconventional location might be just the thing to wow your customers.

No Better Time than Now 

Now that you know why you should consider ordering letterhead from U.S. Press for your company, it’s easy to learn how. Letterhead is featured with other stationery on our website, and as before mentioned, features our new instant pricing tool. It’s never been easier to give your company and its communication efforts that modern, professional touch it deserves.

To get start, shop online letterhead here.

Posted by:Robert Davison

Marketing Content Creator

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