Election season is coming and Americans everywhere are thinking about the issues. As citizens, we’re charged with the responsibility of understanding our values and voicing our opinions through voting to instill changes we’d like to see. But for some citizens, voting isn’t enough. These are the citizens that will run for office themselves, and smart marketing will help them succeed. 

Every successful political campaign, from local contests  to Congress and the Presidential Election, can point to a rock-solid marketing campaign for their success. In today’s politically-charged world, it can take a herculean effort to organize and execute a campaign that’s successful. Relying on print marketing, with its proven track record of success, can take some of the stress out of these efforts and ensure a successful campaign this election season. 

Print marketing for campaigns in 2020 means a lot more than just sticking a few yard signs in visible places. Printing technology and guidance for a trusted commercial printer are invaluable tools for the competitive political landscape. Examples of useful print marketing materials abound, and strategies for their use are available when working with an experienced print marketing specialist. 

One of print marketing’s strengths is how cost-effective it can be compared to other forms of media. Digital ads for TV and social media can be tremendously effective, but they’re also expensive. A targeted direct mail marketing campaign featuring a postcard or similar print marketing piece is a more nuanced campaign feature, making sure that your message is in front of potential voters. Market research allows savvy campaign managers to target swing or potential voters, instead of paying for advertising that primarily reaches those who are already supportive of the campaign, or perhaps supportive of a competing campaign. 

Voters also respond to mail well, especially when compared with other mediums. Direct mail feels more thoughtful and personal; a clear and inspiring message through direct mail can help potential voters relate to the candidate running. 

When considering larger visual marketing pieces, remember that yard signs aren’t the only option available to candidates. Banners and posters can be used to create real visual interest and excitement with campaign slogans and other information displayed boldly to viewers. Of course, it’s never a bad idea to pass out custom outdoor signs to supporters, boosting name recognition and visibility amongst voters in an area. recognition and visibility amongst voters in an area. And finally, since competitive campaigns require pulling out all the stops, consider some of the more creative print marketing products for political campaigns: Door hangers, decals and labels and even bumper stickers can be effective tools for increasing name recognition. 

Most importantly, effective campaigns know how to incorporate professional knowledge into their campaign decisions. Leaning on the expertise of experienced commercial printers with a history of printing for successful campaigns is the most important step to organizing the print marketing portion of any political campaign. It’s almost election season. Contact U.S. Press to get started printing for your campaign.

Posted by:Robert Davison

Marketing Content Creator

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