Business owners will use anything they can to carry marketing messages to customers. In the print industry, we’re familiar with dozens of platforms from the smallest die-cut sticker to big, bold banners. There’s even a unique and useful product that can turn the windows of your building into a platform for your marketing. It’s called window perf, and it’s available online at US Press.

Window perf, or perforated window vinyl, is a unique vinyl window covering that adds visual appeal to your office building or storefront while doubling as a great marketing product. Summertime brings an increase in consumer activity and stimulates foot traffic through festivals and shopping excursions. Summer is a great time to apply window perf to your building to capture consumer interest and when some new customers. 

Because window perf is made from a specially-designed perforated vinyl, they’re see-through when standing behind them. This means when you apply window perf to one of your windows, your message is visible from the outside of the building, but those inside will still see out. Window perf means you don’t have to sacrifice your window space to make the most of its capability of hosting your marketing message. 

Window perf is also great for shading interiors – it’s one of the lesser-known secrets to using the product. If you have a window that lets in too much sun, then you’ve got a great candidate window for window perf. 

Window perf can be printed full color and can feature a variety of images. For some, a simple white window perf with a business logo centered in its middle can make a great covering for a shop-front window or even a glass door. This can add an air of sleek professionalism to a building and make it really attractive to passers-by. But there’s room to be bolder – larger logos or designs, text or messaging, even full color images can all be printed on window perf. 

There’s also room to take them indoors. Interior doors and windows in office buildings or on school and university campuses can host window perf to direct foot traffic, beautify an interior or create a sense of privacy inside a meeting or conference room without sacrificing the window’s function entirely. Window perf is truly a dynamic product. 

Perhaps most importantly, window perf is easy to install and simple to remove should the need arise. Installation is simple and straightforward, while removable is achieved simply by peeling away the product and cleaning underneath. 
Window perf is an impressive product that can do wonders for the aesthetic of a building and the bottom line of your marketing budget. This summer is a great time to contact US Press, and put window perf on a window near you.

Posted by:Robert Davison

Marketing Content Creator

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