In a year like 2020, the name of the game for businesses has been efficiency. The stresses and strains of 2020 have touched businesses large and small, from towering corporations to Mom and Pop shops and everything in between. This year has been a tightening of the belts for everyone, but smart businesses know that thriving in a year like this one means leaning into effective essentials and getting the most out of your marketing. In the print world, there are five staples that every business should leave room in the budget for. With such a need for efficient, effective marketing, these are the products to help your business thrive in trying times.

Business Cards

Business cards are a longstanding staple in any industry, and for good reason. Professionally printed, well-designed business cards are a great way to build contacts and develop client relationships. When a customer or client has your business card, they’ve got a tangible, memorable thing to associate with you, ensuring that they’ll remember your first interaction with them in a positive light. Business cards are a great way to show customers that you’ve invested in your first impression with them, which is more than one can say about an email address or social media profile.


All businesses can take advantage of large format printing technology to create vibrant, eye-catching signage. There are a host of options for signage, too: yard signs, vinyl banners, metal signs, and even perforated window coverings. Each sign should communicate a distinct message, and ultimately, draw visitors and traffic into your business or help them navigate your premises. Businesses can print signs in a number of sizes and materials, matching the product to its purpose to ensure maximum marketing effectiveness. Plus, signs are great way to add marketing messages around the office, in waiting rooms and lobbies and even outdoors around your office building or warehouse. They can bring life to less-than-glamorous buildings and provide a great first impression to passerby, traffic, and customers.


Next in line for print marketing essentials: brochures. Brochures are simple, smart tools for communicating a wide variety of ideas; for almost any marketing task one can thing of, there is a brochure design to suit that purpose. Product information, company announcements, meeting or event schedules, new product lines – it’s a list without end. Professional printing companies like U.S. Press can help you design and print brochures in a number of sizes and fold combinations and within your budget. If there’s something you’d like to share with your customers, you can probably design a brochure for that.

Direct Mail

For brochures and many other print marketing products, direct mail services are a great way to distribute those products to customers. With varied options for delivery, businesses can design a direct mail campaign to target a specific, tailored list of customers or follow the cost-effective EDDM route and reach out to an entire ZIP code. With a variety of mail piece sizes, paper stocks, and USPS delivery speeds and mail classes, you can tailor a direct mail campaign to your specific budget and find a cost-effective solution. Direct mail is a tried and true way to reach a wide base of customers and prospects, proving even in 2020 that it’s ROI is well worth the initial expense of printing and mailing. In a year like 2020, that’s a great advantage to have.


And speaking of mail, envelopes, letterhead, presentation folders, and notecards are an important staple for any business. Everything from invoices to holiday cards are made better when they’re sent to customers with custom stationery, complete with your return address and company logo. Custom stationery give your mail the distinguished air it deserves.

As 2020 winds down and a new year awaits, businesses everywhere have experienced tough times – and some will face more in the future. Make sure your business has all the essentials it needs – like the great print marketing products listed above – to meet whatever challenges the future has to offer. 

Posted by:Robert Davison

Marketing Content Creator

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