Amongst large format printing options, window perf is a top choice for marketers and designers who want a versatile, durable product that boasts beautiful graphics and a commanding message. It comes heavily recommended, but it isn’t the only large format print marketing medium for windows and smooth surfaces. Meet low-tack vinyl decals, and a new way to think about large format print marketing. 

Vinyl window decals are great for a variety of purposes. They work perfectly in similar applications as window perf itself, but they raise the bar in a variety of other uses, too. Laminated vinyl decals are designed specifically for ease of application and to boast brilliant colors over the life of the product, so they’re best suited for high-visibility uses. 

One common use for low-tack vinyl decals is as a simple window graphic for storefronts, restaurants and other shops. Low-tack vinyl decals don’t offer visibility from the reverse side like window perf does, even though the material still applies as easily as window perf. However, there are plenty of applications where shading the interiors of restaurants, convenience stores or shopping malls is more important than being able to see out of them. In these cases, low-tack vinyl decals are a superior choice. 

Unlike window perf, low-tack vinyl decals aren’t limited to windows as a medium. Their material composition allows for a variety of applications, including indoor use. Low-tack vinyl decals can be used in a variety of creative ways indoors, from traditional choices like marketing messages or slogans to fun options like adding bold color to a room. 

Low-tack vinyl decals also make excellent vehicle or trailer wraps. Any work vehicle, cargo van or box truck can take on a new life sporting an eye-catching design or a professionally printed logo, increasing brand recognition while the vehicle is out on the road. This offers a simpler way to print decals for your vehicle, and application and removal is much smoother than old, outdated paint-based means of doing so. 

Low-tack vinyl decals are simple to apply; application is similar to that of window perf. With a few simple tools and a bit of practice, anyone can apply the product to an appropriate surface with great results. With a simple application process and a multitude of potential uses, whatever your idea may be, low-tack vinyl decals offer a way to bring it to life.  At U.S. Press, we’re pleased to offer full color, professionally designed low-tack vinyl decals to meet any of your marketing needs. Decals can be printed in a variety of sizes, from simple logos on vehicles to large murals of imagery on storefronts and windows. When purchasing low-tack vinyl decals from US Press, you’ll get all the benefit of working with experienced professionals who can guide you through the process, from design to application. Visit to order your low-tack vinyl decals today.

Posted by:Robert Davison

Marketing Content Creator

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