Brochures are a small business staple. They’re inexpensive and effective for reaching new customers, due to their ease of use and their famed ability to fit a relatively high amount of useful information in a small, easy to digest presentation. Designing your own is simple and fun. If you adhere to these simple steps, you’ll have a design you can be proud of if no time – one that’s sure to get customers’ attention and help you spread your message far and wide.

                The first and most important thing to understand about designing a brochure is the importance of knowing the brochure’s purpose. In a general sense, brochures are about hitting the high points, and describing your business, product, service or event in clear, digestible copy without going overboard to creating “walls of text.” They aren’t meant to be catalogues, but they do provide room for a bit more description than say, a standard postcard. Know this and know the purpose of your brochure before you begin your design.

                Next, remember to prioritize simplicity. A good, clean design that’s organized for visual appeal and ease of reading is of paramount importance when creating a brochure. The goal is to create something that grabs customers’ attention with a simple, appealing cover design, then provide content that they can easily and quickly navigate visually. The layout of your design should feature alternating images and brief, concise blocks of text that cover all of the important aspects of your topic, without crowding the page or boring the reader.

                Within this brochure design, you’ll want to shoot for something “catchy” to make sure you grab and retain the reader’s attention. Again, it’s all about putting your best foot forward in your design – this means attractive imagery and concise, to the point language. If you’re concerned about accomplishing the desired effect with the layout of your design, US Press offers a variety of pre-designed brochure templates for a variety of different brochure styles. This can help cut out some of the difficulty of designing an appealing, effective brochure.

                One last note about design: Remember to account for any folds your brochure features. Folds can be used to organize your design for greater overall visual appeal and effectiveness, but they can complicate some aspects of design work as well. Utilizing the brochure templates offered by US Press can eliminate any confusion over how to design around fold lines.

                A great brochure is one of the staples of the print marketing world, and for good reason. With these tips, you can tackle the challenges of designing your own. Before long, your brochure will be in the hands of countless potential customers. Contact U.S. Press today to get started printing and designing your own brochures.

Posted by:Robert Davison

Marketing Content Creator

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