We’re in the second quarter of 2022, and that means we’re entering another election season. The coming months will certainly be busy with a flurry of elections ranging from local committees and boards to mid-term elections in Washington DC.

The past 15 years have introduced new ways for candidates to get the word out, but don’t overlook print as a tried-and-true method of campaign marketing and storytelling. Here are a few of our favorite print items to keep your candidacy top of mind.

Yard Signs

A staple of nearly every campaign: the yard sign. A clear, well-designed yard sign is a great way to build name recognition. Design is of the utmost importance for yard signs, especially in high traffic areas. Done well, investing in yard signs for your supporters to display will pay big dividends for any campaign.

Door Hangers

Door hangers can be impactful whether you’re handing them out after introducing yourself on a doorstep or leaving them behind for a constituent who wasn’t home. These are useful to introduce yourself and your qualifications as well as discuss the goals of your candidacy.

Give voters a chance to learn more about your campaign and find ways to support your candidacy by directing them to your website and social media platforms.

Direct Mail

Many people thought that email would make direct mail a thing of the past. Quite the opposite happened. Direct mail has seen a resurgence of late. While we’re generally quick to dismiss an email if the subject line doesn’t immediately catch our attention, voters are likely to give at least a preliminary scan to a postcard that’s nicely designed and printed on heavy paper stock.

Like door hangers, direct mail is a great way to not only introduce yourself and your goals, but also to offer a website for readers to learn more.

Car Door Magnets

These go wherever you go. Literally. Car door magnets present a unique opportunity because they may be seen from another car in motion or by a voter walking by your car in a parking lot.

As such, these are most impactful when they’re designed like a yard sign with your name and campaign logo being prominently displayed and legible. For those who have time to read a bit more text, you can give them a place to go to learn more about yourself and your campaign. A website is the most common option here. If your web domain isn’t easy to remember after a glance, try a QR code. You may be surprised at how familiar people are with QR codes.


A well-placed banner is a great way to make a statement. Our banners are printed on a durable vinyl material that’s resistant to rain, wind, and sunlight, so they’re perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Keep your banner in a static, high-impact location, or take it with you to use as a backdrop for campaign events and fundraisers.

Let us help your campaign stand out from the rest. Learn more about the print ideas we covered above and more here.

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