There are different types of calendars you can customize for an easy and effective promotion that works for you all year. A useful and practical item that doubles as advertising, a custom-made calendar markets your organization for 365 days in your clients’ homes and offices. Are you a…

  • Small business owner
  • Non-profit director of philanthropy
  • School fundraiser
  • Church staff member or elder in charge of raising funds
  • Politician

…or another stakeholder who needs to establish brand identity and create top-of-mind awareness to meet your goals? By providing a handy tool that your customers will glance at day in and day out, you can increase the visibility of your business. Get started with one of the following types of calendars.

Wall Calendars

Wall calendars are 8.5″ x 11″ and have a pre-drilled hole for convenient hanging. At U.S. Press, we offer two different wall calendars: monthly and bi-monthly. Both types of calendars are printed using a four-color process with a choice of gloss or matte paper and feature a protective UV coating on the cover.

  1. Monthly Wall Calendars. A 13-month, 28-page monthly calendar displays each month with an image.
  2. Bi-Monthly Wall Calendars. For a more affordable option, show two months at a time to reduce the number of pages.

Postcard Calendars

Year-at-a-glance postcard calendars are the most cost-effective type of calendar. Postcard calendars are high impact – printed double-sided in full color, allowing you to design other elements for the card on the side opposite the calendar. Great for invitations, client thank yous, holiday gifts and more.

When you choose a printer that offers direct mail services, you can design your postcard calendar without the hassle of sending bulk mail. Plus, postcards don’t require envelopes, which saves you money.

Poster Calendars

A 12″ x 18″ at-a-glance yearly poster calendar will surely get noticed. Prominently display your brand and logo plus an image in full color. Our poster calendars come with a pre-drilled hole and UV coating that protects and adds eye-catching shine.

Tear Off Calendars

Tear-off calendars serve double duty as a calendar and a notepad. They provide excellent value to their recipients due to their functionality and may be the best custom calendar option for administrative settings. Our full-color, 50-sheet notepad calendars measure 7″ x 9″. Your clients will take note of these printed calendars!

Choose From Different Types of Calendars at U.S. Press

Sometimes the simplest marketing effort is the one that cuts through the clutter and gets your brand recognized. Different types of calendars have stood the test of time, but they all share a few things: a strong brand voice, clear messaging and uncomplicated design.

At U.S. Press, you can find expert help with calendar printing anytime. We started as marketers over 40 years ago, so we know what it takes to succeed.

Our calendar templates and tools make designing a custom online calendar easy, or you can upload your file to get started. Just request a custom quote for a non-standard size or format. See what a custom-made calendar can do for you!

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