This fall, school systems around the country will face the unprecedented challenge of reopening schools for the year amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. While different areas will deal with the virus in differing levels of severity, all school systems across the country have to make special considerations for preventing the spread of the virus on their campus.  US Press is here to provide print marketing solutions to make the reopening process smoother for school systems of any size. 

Prior to reopening, school systems can make use of print marketing to communicate with students and parents important information from a distance. Most school systems already use multiple forms of print marketing every year, but this year will likely mandate an increase. 

School systems can print and mail flyers, newsletters or other products to parents and students to help circulate safety information and social distancing plans for the upcoming year. These items are a cost-effective way to spread necessary information across the student body, ensuring a safe reopening. School systems can pair these mailings with other mailings, like code-of-conduct booklets, or mail them as standalone items. 

Large format printing offers multiple solutions for enforcing social distancing on campus, after schools reconvene and students return to classrooms, hallways and other facilities. School systems must prioritize social distancing to remain open, and can do so with vinyl banners, posters and other signage reminding people to practice social distancing. Posters are a simple way to organize and direct foot traffic for safety purposes throughout schools. Yard signs and other outdoor-based products can direct traffic entering schools from outside, reminding students, faculty and visitors to wear a face covering or maintain a 6’ distance between themself and others. 

Earlier this year, US Press began printing social distancing floor decals for many of our local school systems and other customers. These decals, which are available in custom or a standard design featuring a variety of colors, have been well received for their usefulness in schools and businesses. They are easy to apply and removable in the event that their use is no longer warranted. 

US Press has worked with schools and universities from the past through today, and we’re proud to count many of our local school systems amongst them as customers. We’ve even developed specific print marketing solutions for schools and universities, offering useful products for a variety of purposes. 

This fall, schools will face a host of challenges associated with reopening. US Press is here to ensure that communication isn’t one of them.

Posted by:Robert Davison

Marketing Content Creator

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