Brand loyalty is the lifeblood of any business. What good is the best product, the most useful service, if customers don’t associate a company’s name with that product or service? Simply put, brand loyalty is what will ensure customers return to your business to fulfill their needs, increasing revenue and strengthening your business’s ability to reach new customers in 2021 and beyond. The loyalty of existing customers fuels the conversion of new ones. 

There are plenty of ways to build brand loyalty. Here are five of the most essential and innovative methods for your business.

Create Consistent Experiences

The first key to building brand loyalty is consistency. The most effective businesses create a consistent experience for their customers every time, offering consistent quality goods or services delivered in a predictable and timely manner. Customers that can count on having the same quality experience time and time again are customers that will remain loyal to your brand. Make sure customers can associate your brand name with high-quality experiences by training employees throughout your company to deliver the same consistent quality day in and day out. Treat every customer as a valuable contributor to the success of your business, and strive to deliver for them the experience they deserve. 

Communicate Regularly 

Make sure to communicate with customers in a way that allows your business to become a visible part of their daily life. Remember, every form of communication on behalf of your business’s brand is a form of marketing, even if it’s indirect. Your business should establish a consistent, fun and friendly social media presence. Effective companies use services like Twitter and Instagram to update customers on the daily happenings at their business, like new product reveals, exciting developments or fun “day in the life” type stories. But it doesn’t stop there. Holiday wishes, humorous memes and other friendly posts can endear a business to its customers by making the business’s brand something customers associate with fun and friendliness. Use social media to make your brand a part of customers’ everyday life. 

Gather Feedback

Communication doesn’t just stop at social media posts, however. Some methods of communication aren’t as flashy or visible, but are just as important, if not more so. This is where the third tip for building brand loyalty becomes important: Establish a system for soliciting and incorporating customer feedback into your business’s daily operations. Customers can help show you the direction your business needs to move on a new project, or reveal to your business a place where it can improve. Customers that feel heard and valued will be the most loyal customers of all. 

Offer a Loyalty Program

Once you’ve established the above means of communicating with customers, consider employing a loyalty program or rewards-based purchase incentives like coupon mailers to remind long-standing customers how much they mean to your business. Nothing will make a customer feel valued like an unexpected postcard (printed with your brand logo in vivid, full color) informing them of a free gift redeemable with their next purchase. 

Contribute to a Worthy Cause

Finally, a bold step towards building brand loyalty is partnering with a cause that customers can feel good about. Showing that your business is willing to step up and contribute to efforts that make the world a better place will make customers feel good about where there money goes when they interact with your business. Some causes can be too political for some customers (or employees) and should be avoided. Consider contributing to an apolitical cause that a wide variety of customers can support, like efforts that benefit disadvantaged children, wildlife or habitat conservation, or first responders and military veterans. 

These are five basic tips that any business can employ starting today to build brand loyalty. Strengthening the bond between customers and your brand will fuel progress and marketing innovation at your company, ensuring growth and rewarding the customers that helped you achieve it. 

Posted by:Robert Davison

Marketing Content Creator

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