Every business needs a marketing strategy. The need to reach new customers and build relationships with existing customers is simply too important to ignore. But challenging economic times make this a more difficult endeavor while increasing the need to work harder to win new customers. That’s where great targeted marketing methods like EDDM come in. 

EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail. It’s really all in the name: EDDM is a direct mail marketing service provided by the US Postal Service that smart marketers know they can count on to reach a wide audience of potential customers for an affordable price. EDDM allows marketers to mail out their direct mail marketing pieces to everyone within a given ZIP code or on a particular mail route, allowing a blanket approach that reaches every potential customer in a given area. The best part: the cost of an EDDM campaign is invitingly inexpensive – with a current postage rate as low as .191 cents per piece. Such competitive prices make the blanket approach more efficient, as it takes fewer converted customers to create a reasonable ROI on such an affordable marketing campaign. 

Even with its attractive pricing arrangement, EDDM is still more beneficial to some businesses than others. For some businesses, a more tailored direct mail marketing campaign may be of more use. But for those businesses that can benefit from EDDM, it’s truly a must-have marketing tool. For businesses that rely on their local communities for the bulk of their revenue or need to stimulate purchasing activity amongst recurring customers, EDDM is a no-brainer. 

Businesses that count on a customer base located in their immediate geographic area will benefit from using EDDM. A great example would be a retail business based in the heart of a downtown area in a small city. Using EDDM to target neighborhoods and towns in the immediate area can help drum up customers that visit your business’s area for shopping or recreation. One great EDDM strategy: Mailing coupons to everyone in the immediate vicinity of your business that are redeemable with a purchase at your store. Such a marketing campaign is affordable, reaches a broad base of customers and even works to reward customers who engage with your business regularly, encouraging further customer loyalty. 

Another factor for marketers to consider is what sort of product their business provides: Businesses with general retail goods, restaurants and other businesses that provide commonly produced goods (like vehicles, electronic goods or groceries) that appeal to a broad base of customers regardless of demographic can use EDDM instead of a more targeted direct mail marketing campaign. Since their customer base varies across age, income level or other demographic factors, these businesses can count on the cost-efficient blanket approach of EDDM to turn up customers of all backgrounds within a given area and direct them to their businesses. 

Even though some discerning factors might indicate that EDDM is a better fit for one business than another, it’s still useful for almost any business that can benefit from a cost-efficient, broadly-tailored direct mail marketing campaign. And with exciting printing innovations and the old-school effectiveness of reaching customers at home through the mail box, there’s never been a better time to employ an EDDM direct mail marketing campaign in your businesses 2021 marketing strategy. 

Posted by:Robert Davison

Marketing Content Creator

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