After a long and trying winter, it’s finally here: Summer 2021 begins now. The nation’s economy is back up and running, life is getting back to normal and consumers are out and about and ready to spend their money. A good summer marketing strategy can ensure that they consider your company when the time comes for them to spend it. Here are five ways you can ensure a successful summer for your business with some unique marketing ideas.

Summer Themed Events

There are lots of great opportunities to create summer specific events to attract customers to your business. For starters, the summer season offers a handful of holidays around which you can structure a sale or other marketing event.  

Stepping over to the creative side, there are more events than just holidays to structure your marketing efforts around. Consider a heat day sale, where customers receive a discount on certain items or when they spend a certain amount on a day that reaches a specific temperature. This is a fun way to reward customers who make their way out to your business on hot, stifling days. On the other hand, you could host a rainy day sale for customers who brave a summer rainstorm to come shop with you.

Collaborate with Your Community

Speaking of summer events, there are tons of opportunities to collaborate with your city or town on a specific summer event. Street festivals, music jams, labor day parades – there are lots of things going on in the summer in cities great and small across the country. Consider being a sponsor or taking up a booth or lot at one of these events to promote brand familiarity and reach new customers in your area.

Refresh your Web Presence – and Your Physical Space

Summer is a great time to unveil some new and creative designs for your web page, social media presence and the physical location of your business. Summer themes and bright, pleasing colors can set the mood for summer business in both the digital and physical space. Consider using these months to post fun, outdoor-themed images to your brand’s social media pages, or perhaps use a product like perforated window covers to liven up your storefront and cut down on the harsh summer sunlight.

Revitalize Brand Loyalty

Considering all that’s gone on over the past year or more, the summer of 2021 is as good a time as any to reward brand loyalty and strengthen the relationship between your business and your customers. For many small businesses in particular, parts of 2020 were quite challenging. Now in 2021, the outlook for many is as bright as the summer sun. Businesses have their loyal customers to thank for that. Consider promotions or sales that reward those loyal customers and help generate future business for years to come.

Don’t Forget Traditional Methods

In many ways, life sped up during 2020. We all became more engaged with digital media and tech as we spent our time sheltering-in-place or just stuck at home. Americans turned to digital and social media as a means of connecting like never before, but for many, that sharp turn created a sense of nostalgia for the past. Focusing a portion of your marketing budget on traditional marketing means – from mailing brochures and coupons to placing creatively-designed posters in public places – can help tap into the minds of many consumers inundated with digital stimulus all the time.

2021 is a year for optimism, and summer has always been a time for fun and high spirits. Make sure to use some of these unique summer marketing ideas to take advantage of what the season holds for your business.

Posted by:Robert Davison

Marketing Content Creator

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